We are pleased to inform you that, on the occasion of its first global management meeting in June 2010, our company has launched a new corporate design, including
a dynamic logo and a comprehensive visual identity concept. The new design follows the introduction of our company name earlier this year.

3A Composites stands for advanced teams, creating advanced material combinations, to provide advanced solutions for customers.

The graphical message underlines our business principles:

  • The stripe pattern of the ‘3’ reflects the principle of multilayer materials
  • The forward inclination of the stripes and of the design elements symbolises our
    determination to dynamically grow and succeed
  • The even surface of the ‘A’ stands for surface quality
  • The blue colour reminds us of the ‘blue planet’, which we strive to protect by committing ourselves to sustainable solutions

From today, our visual communications tools will be designed according to the new
concept, endorsing the highly reputed brand identities that have successfully been
established around the globe by our market segments.

As member of the 3A Composites brand family, we are more than ever committed to
our promise of partnership, innovation and customer orientation.

We thank you for your trust and business relationship over the years and are looking
forward to shaping the future together with you.