Interpipe has started to promote the 17th International Wheelset Congress in the international railway industry sector. One of the first events, where Interpipe presented the Wheelset Congress, was the World Congress of Railway Research (WCRR), which was held from 21-26 May in Lille, France.

During the event, Interpipe presented the draft programme of the 17th International Wheelset Congress, met potential participants and organised games and mini-master classes with jigsaws and wooden toys.

A number of leading representatives from national European railway operators were among those interested in learning about the 17th International Wheelset Congress, for example, SNCF from France, the Austrian Federal Railways OBB as well as research institutes, such as The Scientific Institute of Railway Transport (SIRT) and The Railway Technical Research Institute. Associations were also keen to hear more about the 17th International Wheelset Congress including The International Union of Railways UIC, The European Rail agency and many others.

According to Mikhail Iskov, director of railway wheels sales at Interpipe: “The 17th International Wheelset Congress will be a landmark event for the railway industry. Already we’ve seen strong interest from railway industry representatives in the event and for the first time in the history of the International Wheelset Congress, it will be held in Ukraine, part of the CIS. This Congress will provide opportunities to share experiences and technologies among representatives of the European railway industry and key players in the CIS market.”

As part of the promotion of the 17th International Wheelset Congress, Interpipe will also participate in the 10th International Conference of the Association of heavy traffic IHHA 2011, which will be held from 19-22 June in Calgary, Canada, as well as in the 3rd International Railway Salon EXPO 1520 which will be held in Shcherbinka, Russia, from 7-10 September 2011. Interpipe plans and welcomes interaction with current and potential partners at both events.