MEN presents a new pair of boards, offering an easy connection of CompactPCI® Serial and CompactPCI 2.0 which makes it possible to keep existing CompactPCI systems in use while at the same time benefiting from the advantages of CompactPCI Serial.

A flexible connection

CompactPCI Serial makes modern technology simple, robust, flexible and inexpensive, while the mechanics remain 100% compatible with CompactPCI 2.0. CompactPCI PlusIO is an easy and effective solution for building up a hybrid system. If the number of slots available in a CompactPCI PlusIO system are not enough, however, or if an existing CompactPCI system shall be used together with a new CompactPCI Serial system in the future, MEN’s new card pair is the solution: it easily connects both systems.

The G100 is the interface from CompactPCI Serial to CompactPCI and is plugged into a peripheral slot of the CompactPCI Serial system. The second board, the F100, replaces the system slot CPU of the CompactPCI system and is connected to the G100 via a PCI Express cable at the front panel.

The F100, plugged into the system slot of the CompactPCI system, is equipped with a PCI Express to PCI bridge. It enables a quick data transfer to the CompactPCI Serial system via the G100 and the PCI Express cable or alternatively on a specially developed hybrid backplane.
Both cards are soldered against shock and vibration, prepared for coating against dust and humidity and can be used in a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

What is CompactPCI Serial?

CompactPCI Serial (PICMG CPCI-S.0) is consistently based on the mechanics of CompactPCI (PICMG 2.0), so it remains 100% compatible to IEC 1101. Only the connector is replaced by a modern type, which is able to support the high frequencies of 12Gb/s and more.

The CompactPCI Serial system slot supports a total of six PCI Express links with up to four lanes each, two links with up to eight lanes, eight SATA / SAS interfaces, eight USB 2.0 as well as eight USB 3.0, eight Ethernet interfaces and a number of signals for supporting these interfaces and for general system management.