Westermo Singapore has won a contract with ST Electronics worth about €80,000. Westermo will supply Viper Ethernet switches that will manage the data communications on-board the new subway cars that will traffic line 2 in Rio De Janeiro.

The modernisation of line 2 is part of the great effort now being undertaken in Rio for local public transport. The track will be served by a total of 114 new trains and is expected to serve approximately one million passengers every day. The project will be completed during 2012.

The new cars will be equipped with a passenger information system (PIS), which will improve the passenger experience through real-time audio and visual travel information. For increased passenger safety, eight CCTV cameras are to be installed in every carriage. The on-board network will transfer the data traffic through a WLAN to the operator’s trackside LAN.

The Viper-switch is specially designed for the rail industry and is the perfect product for this kind of application. This robust switch is a compact device with high immunity to electromagnetic interference. It is designed to operate in environments with constant shock and vibration and can handle high surge levels. ST Electronics chose Westermo partly because the Viper fitted the tough specifications fully, but also because of Westermo’s deep understanding of the requirements of onboard train operation due to their extensive market knowledge.

“Westermo have always developed high quality products for critical applications in extreme environments. We also have a local presence in Singapore and can provide the best possible support to this project. We see the cooperation with global corporations such as ST Electronics as very positive,” says Kenneth Isacsson, Westermo VP Asian sales.