GDS has been selected by Bombardier to supply HMI displays for onboard applications. GDS’s CCTV displays will be installed in 200 new trains built for the French market.

GDS has been chosen for the high quality, high readability and high reliability that GDS technology and IRIS certified design and manufacturing processes are able to grant.
Its long and proven experience in the field of display technologies and knowledge in designing display devices for challenging environments such as direct sunlight conditions, vibrations, very high/low temperature places or humid locations, has put GDS in a good position to be the preferred partner for this new project.

The system has been designed to meet the rigorous standards of the transportation market and works with operating temperatures between 0°C and +55°C. At 40°C it has a MTBF of more than 75,000hr. The power controller guarantees resistance to fire and smoke while cameras are connected with shielded cables. Internal components guarantee low conductivity and high resistance to oxidation.

All these displays are tested for at least four days prior to delivery to ensure they are working perfectly in high stress conditions (96hr burn-in test: 20°C/+55°C cycles).

The new CCTV display is based on a colour LCD panel with LED backlight to reduce power consumption compared to old CCFL systems and to improve image quality thanks to the better control over light emissions. Contrast and brightness can be adjusted manually to overcome ambient light challenges. With a brightness of 700cd/m² (contrast ratio 800:1) and AR coating in the frontal glass, the display provides an optimum level of image detail and gives the driver full visibility of images coming from the demodulator rack made by Sagem installed in the train.

The contract secured by GDS will see the company supply units over a five-year period and guarantee the customer 20 years of legacy support.

“This supply agreement confirms GDS’s position and effort in the on-board market and the ability to support the leading train manufacturers with new display technologies and a strong quality process,” said Ivano Pozza, displays business division manager.

“We always work close to the customers to design and deliver high quality products that exceed their expectations and that meet the final user needs. This contract is the result of a high investment in technology, quality process and in motivated and experienced people.”