As part of the redevelopment of City Thameslink, display specialist Infotec has upgraded customer information displays on the London station’s platforms and concourses.

This was the first of three Thameslink stations to undergo a complete revamp, with Blackfriars and Farringdon to follow. The work at all three will prepare them for longer, 12-carriage trains with the entire multi-million project due for completion by 2018.

Longer platforms generate a need for additional CIS displays and those now in operation at City Thameslink include new summary of departures and next train indicators. The extended platforms now require four of these each. In addition to the platform displays, main boards for the concourses at either end of the station and summary displays at the platform entrances have been provided by Ashby-based Infotec.

A particular requirement of the displays for the contract, awarded to Infotec by Atkins Rail, in turn is working for Network Rail, was for them to be compatible in appearance with the displays at the prestigious St Pancras Station. These were supplied by Infotec back in 2006.

One of the innovative features of the St Pancras displays was the use of LCD glass technology, featuring white lettering on a dark blue background to complement the overall concept of light and space in the world-class terminal. The AEG LCD glass was used to maintain a more consistent blue background than ever before thanks to new style polarisers, enhancing the excellent readability.

This high-quality glass from AEG of Germany also features in the new displays for City Thameslink. The physical nature of City Thameslink has presented several challenges, all of which were resolved with the help of Infotec project manager Steve Hames.

The issues were largely connected with the ‘underground’ nature of the station’s location. This demanded low smoke paint and meant there was a limited false ceiling height in some parts. The very long drop above the false ceiling also demanded the design of bespoke bracketry, which has been undertaken by Infotec.

Work by Infotec on the next phase, the redevelopment of Blackfriars, is now underway.