An innovative new derailer, designed for simpler installation and maintenance, and to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, has been launched by Zonegreen.

The product, which has been in development for two years, represents a leap forward in derailer assembly technology, and is thought to be completely unique in the market. It builds on Zonegreen’s previous model, which is used widely on rail track across the UK.

Research and development manager for Zonegreen Dr Szer Ming Lee explained: “The new derailer is easier to install and maintain for a number of reasons. We’ve redesigned and simplified the electronics and mechanical components — which also considerably reduces costs — and fitted an electric actuator, which can be wound manually without the need for disassembly if there is loss of power. The derailer cover has been reduced in size by more than 30%, and the lower profile makes installation easier because it can accommodate any train gauge.”

Zonegreen is a British company and a world leader in the provision of rail safety solutions. Technical director Christian Fletcher said the company’s experience and expertise had enabled Zonegreen to develop a genuinely new-generation derailer.

He explained the product is built to withstand all weather conditions: “The actuator is sealed to IP66 standards, which means it is ‘dust-tight’ and protected against high-pressure water jets from any direction. Furthermore, its operational temperature range is between –40°C and +60°C. So temporary flooding and extreme weather conditions pose no threat to operation.”

Rigorous testing of the derailer assembly has been carried out, simulating five years of continuous usage, and the product is currently in the process of gaining Lloyd’s Register safety approval.