EKE-Electronics will supply crashproof event recorders for Sao Paulo Metro in Brazil. The trains will be delivered by Alstom Transport Canada. EKE-Trainnet Event Recorders will be installed in all rolling stock on Metro Line 2. The deliveries will take place in 2008-2009.

The EKE-Trainnet Event Recorder is the latest generation “train black box”. The design meets both British and European crashworthiness and IEEE requirements, making it the only crash-proof recorder suitable for trains worldwide. It provides 16GB fireproof, fluid-proof and electrically isolated memory that stores train control diagnostics, video and voice. In Sao Paulo Metro, the EKE-Trainnet event recorder is configured to always store the last two hours of footage from the train surveillance cameras.

The EKE-Trainnet event recorder is installed in a standard 19in rack with other train electronics. It is the smallest recorder for railway applications.

Mr Pekka Kuusela, Chief Executive Officer of EKE-Electronics Ltd, comments: “We are happy to continue our successful cooperation with Alstom transport. Our mission is to make the train manufacturer’s life easier, and to contribute to the safety of train crew and passengers. Just like plane black boxes, also train data recorders have to protect data in all imaginable circumstances. The international market for event recorders is rapidly growing, as CCTV applications and video recording give an exceptional tool for e.g. accident and crime investigations. We are happy to be one of the technology leaders in this market.”