Denver, Colorado — The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is now true for asset and logistics managers. Lat-Lon’s new solar tracking unit, with built-in camera, provides much more information than can be collected with traditional sensors. A picture can show the position of valves, hatches and brakes, the condition of the asset, the weather, intruders, any damage, etc.

The information provides increased security and safety by allowing the customer to act on a visual picture. For example, in the case of chlorine derailment, knowledge of the car’s position could be valuable to first responders.

Olin Corporation has purchased hundreds of camera units to increase security of its tank car fleet. Olin is the third largest producer worldwide of chlorine and caustic soda, sodium hydrosulfite, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, potassium hydroxide and bleach products.

The camera captures pictures based on an event such as an impact or hatch opening. Don Loftis of Olin said, “When an alarm is generated, the first thing I would like to do is go see the car. Now with the camera on Lat-Lon’s STU, that’s exactly what I can do.”

Images can be taken during the day as well as night. The camera has infrared capability and can capture a photo in complete darkness without intruders knowing that a picture was taken.

The unit is powered by the sun and has a backup battery that provides the required power through the night. Lat-Lon patented power system extends the life of batteries so that they do not need to be replaced like other systems.

Lat-Lon customers can log-in to the company’s website to get reports, maps and photos. Pictures, maps and data can also be viewed from the Lat-Lon mobile website. HTUA geo-fences are identified on reports, maps and alarms.