19in plug-in power unit

Based on the PCMDS150, especially designed and already well-proven for applications in vehicle and railway technology, MTM Power offers now a 24Vout version as a 19in plug-in unit.

A special feature of the PCMDS19 150 is the connector on the front plate where both input and output voltage can be connected. This connector is of course suitable for railway applications. The converter is available with a wide input range of 50,4VDC to 154VDC for the battery voltage of 110VDC acc. to EN 50 155 and an isolation of 2.2kVAC. The dimensions are 164.5mm x 70.8mm x 128.4mm (length x wide x height).

The thermoselective vacuum encapsulation (EP 1 987 708, U.S. Patent No. 8,821,778 B2) guarantees uniform heat dissipation within the module as well as excellent resistance against environmental influences such as shock, vibration and humidity.

In addition, the converter is cooled via the installed heat sink. The device needs no ground load and is short-circuit protected by primary and secondary power limiting. The maintenance-free converter can be operated in parallel, is prepared for the use in devices with protection class II and can be switched into an energy-saving stand-by operation mode by a remote control input. It shows a mechanically and electrically rugged design using SMD technology and undergoes an automatic piece-by-piece test.