OEM Technology Solutions (OEM) was voted the most innovative project for 2009 at the Citect Integration Partner Awards. The award was given for energy usage reporting, for a project OEM has been engaged in for several years, by the department of defence at the Amberley RAAF Airbase in Queensland in conjunction with Spotless Services Australia.

Given global pressure to be CSR compliant and reduce energy consumption, a key driver for the department of defence is to decrease energy usage and obtain more indicative reporting of true energy usage.

OEM’s project objective was to enhance the reporting capabilities from complex raw data for electricity into user friendly reporting where operators have the ability to analyse energy usage and drill down into detail across some 75 sub stations.

The key features of the reporting is that OEM’s software is drawing from live data and the reports are highly presentable across web, PDF and excel formats in a design suitable to pass onto high level management without a requirement to edit crude engineering data.

OEM’s manager of research and development, Mr Philip Solomon said: “We have been actively involved in the Amberley SCADA implementation and it is great to see this project evolve into a deeper dimension in terms of sourcing data and converting it into a format that is easily understood as well as being presentable in a professional manner.”

OEM’s reporting capabilities can be used across a range of applications and industries where the user simply defines the settings and parameters to obtain the desired reports.

This is the second year in a row that OEM has won the prestigious award.