Although most of Rittal’s AE compact enclosure range is rated to IP66, they were not designed to be used as outdoor enclosures. The introduction of stainless steel models improved the protection against moisture and air-borne contaminants which made the enclosures particularly suitable for a wide variety of process control applications.

Customers have been requesting a fully weatherproof version (IP66 only relates to dust and water under laboratory conditions, and takes no account of wide temperature variations or snow and ice). To combat potential weather related problems, Rittal have introduced a series of rain canopies for the enclosures.

Made from 1.4301 stainless steel the canopies provide water run-off to the rear. They cover the join between the door and the enclosure itself, preventing water build-up on the seal and the possible reduction in effectiveness following freezing during sub-zero temperature periods.

To prevent wind driven rain from collecting the canopies also cover the sides and rear of the enclosure at the top. A secondary function of the canopies is to shield the top of the enclosure from direct sunlight, thus reducing the solar temperature gain inside and the need for cooling solutions.

The canopies are easily retro-fitted to the enclosure and are supplied with assembly parts. Alternative stainless steel or aluminium canopies can be supplied for other enclosures if required.