Firstco devised ways of saving Heathrow Express money and time by helping them to reduce their carbon burden by 200t/year, saving them annual charges of over £30,000 at Heathrow Central and Terminal 4.

In compliance with their environmental philosophy, Heathrow Express are endeavouring to reduce energy consumption while simultaneously minimising the impact their operations have on the environment. Firstco’s role was to determine what potential energy savings could be made through reduced lighting power consumption without compromising the safe operation of the Heathrow Express service.

Firstco suggested a number of viable initiatives to Heathrow Express. Further investigation resulted in projects that are currently in the implementation phase and should provide a return after two years based on current energy costs.

There were a number of specific areas identified for potential saving:

  • Escape shafts – change to normal-off and use remote control function
  • Station areas, platforms and concourses – reduce lighting levels out of hours
  • Back of house areas not in common use – use movement sensors

Detailed surveys were carried out in the station and shafts to determine the effect of reduced lighting levels and potential savings. At Heathrow Central these included power measurements of the lighting circuits and luminance readings performed with several lighting configurations. At Custom House escape and intervention shaft, power measurements were performed in order to assess the potential savings from switching off and controlling lights remotely.

Kieran Tulley of Heathrow Express said “As a key part of their business strategy Heathrow Express are reducing their CO2 output, energy consumption and costs. The benefits not only include cost reduction but it also reflects their commitment to corporate responsibility, climate change and continuing environmental improvements. Firstco have been instrumental in helping Heathrow Express develop innovative solutions which enhance their brand equity and manage their assets to achieve their business goals. Heathrow Express work closely with key business partners such as Firstco to constantly look to improve upon the existing high standards.”

This project has opened up more opportunities for Firstco to help clients reduce energy consumption and costs. For example, by using thermal imaging technology and radiation detector cameras heat loss in terminals might be significantly reduced.