Esterel Technologies, the leading worldwide provider of model-based development solutions for mission and safety-critical systems, and Aitech Defense Systems, the largest independent supplier of COTS rugged computer products for harsh environments, have announced their formal partnership to offer a comprehensive, model-based software development through target hardware deployment solution.

Developers of mission and safety-critical embedded control applications and critical embedded graphics displays can benefit from the time savings and product quality improvements resulting from the use of this tested integration platform. Esterel Technologies and Aitech have worked together to develop the integrated workflow from model-based development and verification through target code generation and deployment, shortening the development life-cycle for critical embedded software.

The Esterel Technologies SCADE® family of products including SCADE Suite™ and SCADE Display™ now directly interfaces with Aitech hardware through Esterel’s respective KCG™ certified code generators that provide certified automatic code generation derived from SCADE graphical models.

Esterel Technologies and Aitech already share numerous customers globally in the mission-critical domains of aerospace, defence, space, rail and industrial applications. This partnership and the resulting tested integration platform mitigates project risk and improves users’ confidence in their development workflow and, ultimately, the deployed solution.

Examples of applications in which Esterel Technologies and Aitech hardware are deployed include cockpit displays, weapon launch controls, landing controls, mission control, control station displays and computer-based train control.
For critical application developers in military or aerospace applications requiring DO-178B certification to level A or in the rail industry who need SIL3/4 certification under EN 50128 as well as industrial software developers operating under IEC 61508, this platform dramatically shortens time-to-certification and deployment while ensuring product quality, said Eric Bantegnie, president and CEO of Esterel Technologies.

Doug Patterson, VP of worldwide sales and marketing for Aitech Defense Systems, said every embedded designer was looking to improve system cycle time, quality and maintainability. “Through the combined efforts of Esterel and Aitech, we can provide a comprehensive platform that simplifies the development of a system in terms of cost, testing and time-to-market,” he said.

The integrated solution, including intrinsic support for the OpenGL SC standard, is available for demonstration upon request through Esterel Technologies sales offices. Furthermore the integration will be demonstrated at the upcoming Embedded World show in Nurnberg, Germany, and the Avionics show in Amsterdam.