A new, ‘stop Request’ button for public transport vehicles has been developed by EAO, the expert for human machine interfaces.

The new stop request features a high-reliability series 84 pushbutton with raised symbols and an illuminated LED ‘halo’, pole mounted in a smart, contoured housing that will look at home in any modern passenger environment.

They’re a pleasure to operate even by the gentlest of presses, thanks to the excellent tactile feedback of the series 84’s short-travel switching system. Typically, a very low force of between six and 12N is required to activate the switch.

Lenses are made from tough aluminium for extra durability. The symbols are raised more than 1mm from the lens surface and are larger than 18mm wide. A range of common pictograms including wheelchair-ramp request and door open / close are offered as standard, others available on request.

Around the lens, an LED-illuminated ‘halo’ is activated when the switch is pressed, providing a visual indication to hard-of-hearing passengers. EAO supplies the LEDs in red, orange, yellow, green, blue or white.

All these great design features help vehicle builders satisfy the demands of the PRM TSI (persons of reduced mobility technical specification for interoperability) directive. Pole mounting the switch is fast and easy. The smooth, thermoplastic housing, which is available in several bright colours, can be secured to any pole between 25-38mm using just two screws. It can be supplied as a complete unit with a choice of connections, ribbon cable or plug-in terminals.

The series 84 stop request conforms to worldwide standards including CE and SEV. It’s shock, vibration and climate resistant and sealed to IP67. Behind the switch, there’s a high-quality normally-open contact made of gold-plated silver alloy rated 10µA – 100mA, 50mVAC / VDC – 42VAC / VDC. It will last for at least one million operations under optimal operating conditions.

EAO offers a range of handy accessories to accompany this product including a lens remover, mounting tool, switch element remover and adapter to change the pole mounting size.

This product is one of the many devices supplied by EAO which help persons with reduced mobility to enjoy the same travel opportunities as other members of society.