KEYMILE’s new card for its multi-service access platform MileGate, allows network operators to connect TDM and Ethernet services directly to the SDH core network. Therefore, MileGate can be flexibly integrated into SDH networks and smooth future migra-tion to an All-IP network is possible.

KEYMILE is one of the leading manufacturers of next-generation data transmission systems. At this year’s CeBIT (in hall 12, stand C66) the company will present a new card that gives its Mile-Gate platform access to the SDH core network. SDH is still the standard technology for reliable data transmission in many sections of telecommunications networks.

For access to the backbone, the card has two optical STM-4 and four STM-1 interfaces (opti-cal/electrical). By using SFP modules (small form factor pluggable), the interfaces can be flexibly adapted to local requirements. The card has four 100/1000BaseT connections to connect more network elements. With add-drop and cross-connect functions, MileGate can transmit incoming data from installed TDM cards, or from front interfaces at up to 622mbps to the SDH network.

The huge advantage of the new card for public and private network operators is that they can use all of today’s and tomorrow’s transmission technologies and open up the way for migration to the next-generation network (NGN). The MileGate subracks’ backplane supplies the technological basis. With direct access to MileGate’s buses, the card can terminate TDM and Ethernet data from other MileGate subracks and transmit it directly to the core network.

As a result, MileGate supports simultaneous provision of traditional and IP services from one single network element and guaran-tees smooth migration of voice and data services to the NGN – both towards the core network and the subscriber line.

Another demand network operators face is cost-effective integration of Ethernet services into SDH networks. The new card offers Ethernet-over-SDH functions as a response. Ethernet data can then also be transmitted via SDH networks. This scenario occurs above all when mission-critical data has to be transmitted. In this case, network operators usually rely on robust SDH technology.

At the same time, increasingly more terminal equipment is only produced with the cheaper Ethernet interface. The new card opens up new opportunities for the network operators to inte-grate both technologies in one network element.

The new card is available from May onwards.