EPLAN Service Pack 1 for electrical controls design software EPLAN Electric P8 v1.9 adds extensions in reports, schematic and master data creation, such as intelligent PDF export, and consistency in the design and planning process. New search functions, the parallel tree and list view in the part master data navigator ensure even faster searches and a perfect overview.

Project accelerator macros can now be created in EPLAN Electric P8 with up to 128 occurrences through the combination of variants and representation types. All the required occurrences of a partial circuit are managed in the macro file, providing the perfect basis for standardized and efficient design and planning.

A highlight in EPLAN is the individual representation of black, PLC and location boxes which can now be drawn as polygons or polygon lines, simplifying the representation of complex plant and location structures in machine overviews. Additional flexibility is available for moving components and devices.

The Revision Management Module provides new comparison functions, in which a project comparison, down to the individual properties can be configured. The project comparison can also be restricted individually to the trade or a plant part.

Online cross-references between the schematic and reports make navigation and access to the component data easier than it has ever been. Even in the PDF output of projects, cross-references allow a jump between the new device tree and the various types of schematics and diagrams. In the PDF all the component data can be accessed via new individually configurable data sheets.