Leading Sheffield-based manufacturer, Mechan, has signed an exclusive deal to supply unique Italian mini cranes and mould-handling equipment to the UK and Irish markets.

Thanks to its partnership with Gruniverpal Tranchero, Mechan is now the sole distributor of the Minidrel S and Transidrel series mould lifters and the Minidrel B, GB and GIA series mini cranes.

Both the mini cranes and mould lifters boast Gruniverpal’s patented kinematic system, which allows the equipment to achieve lifting capacities and reach heights that were previously impossible.

The Gruniverpal mini cranes are widely regarded as some of the best on the market. They feature a combined articulated-telescopic hoisting system for maximum flexibility, whilst their compact construction makes them suitable for access to confined areas. The slewing boom’s 180° rotation (left and right) and hydraulic controls ensures precision handling, even in restricted spaces.

Gruniverpal’s mould lifters boast a number of advanced features that provide maximum versatility and make it possible for just one operator to undertake mould changes. They can be used in extremely limited spaces and offer micro-metric operations, even when fully loaded. Sturdy construction also ensures complete elimination of oscillation.

Richard Carr, Mechan’s managing director, said: “The lightweight nature of Gruniverpal’s mini cranes and mould lifters means constant operational and capacity rates can be maintained while moving the heaviest loads – without putting excessive strain on the floor. The exact dimensions of the equipment can be customised to each client’s needs and thanks to our skilled team of engineers we can offer full maintenance and service packages.”