A new series 56 door opening pushbutton with illuminated open / close symbols is now available from EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces.

The switch is carefully designed to improve usability for disabled passengers and to help train builders meet their obligations under the persons of reduced mobility technical specification for interoperability (PRM TSI) directive. It features a brightly lit ‘door open’ or ‘door close’ symbol in relief to help passengers find the door control more easily. The symbols are raised more than 1mm from the surface and are larger than 15mm wide. The force needed to press the button is between six and 12N.

Additional luminance is provided by a bright LED halo around the pushbutton’s actuator, which is green, blue or yellow. A large, brightly coloured thermoplastic bezel is fitted around the actuator to provide further contrast with the surface on which it is mounted.

The new version matches the design and dimensions of previous. As such, it can be retrofitted into the existing mounting holes.

Series 56 pushbuttons will operate in extreme conditions from 45°C up to +80°C. They are environmentally sealed to IP67 at the front. All materials used meet the rail industry’s expectations of quality, reliability, durability and design.

This product is one of the many devices supplied by EAO which help persons with reduced mobility to enjoy the same travel opportunities as other members of society.