Airex Composite Sturctures (ACS) is one of the first suppliers of COMFLOOR heated floor panels for the mass transit industry. The heatable floor panels are based on the
sandwich technology, enhance travel comfort and simultaneously increase passenger comfort thanks to the even distribution of heat. The patented COMLFOOR system has been developed together with designers and engineers from domestic and foreign mass transit manufacturers based on the following demands by the industry.

Industry requirements and COMFLOOR solution

  • Weight-saving: systems from 11kg/m² are possible
  • Reduced LCC costs: maintenance free heating solution
  • Energy efficiency: integrated thermic and acoustic isolation as well as thermic decoupling against unheated zones
  • Fast reaction time: train cabin can be heated up within 15min
  • Long lifetime: fully sealed system, designed for 5G force, vandalism prove and a life-time of more than 30yr
  • Passenger comfort: even floor, comfortable climate and more leg room up to 15cm on each side
  • Environmental compatibility: in comparison to the chemically treated wooden flooring systems, COMFLOOR can be completely recycled
  • Simple installation and exchangeability: fast and simple installed floor panels based on modular design allowing also an easy exchange
  • EMC compatibility: COMFLOOR elements are EMC aligned

The comfort requirements for heating passenger cars are exceptionally well satisfied by ACS’ system, setting new standards for climate control in railroad construction.

COMFLOOR is a fully sealed system, simple to install and absolutely maintenance-free. It delivers an even heat distribution with short reaction time, and due to its modularity it can be easily exchanged. COMFLOOR has been designed for OEM’s and operating companies as well as the passenger.

The heated floor panel will definitely lead to a standardisation of this innovative heating system in the rail vehicle sector in the near future.

If you would like to receive our COMFLOOR flyer or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.