The advanced ULTRAWave MkIII system from Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research (CATER) boasts the capability to effectively process five ultrasonic channels for each module incorporating up to 80 channels in each rail flaw detection (RFD) system. Additionally, each ultrasonic beam incorporates virtual channels displaying rail height, subsurface head flaw detection and loss of Backwall Echo (Bottom), effectively multiplying the number of channels available even further.

In addition to this world leading processing capacity, many other functions can be allied with the ultrasonic information. The larger truck and rail bound RFD vehicles using multiple wheel probes are capable of supporting several PerWay functions allied with the ultrasonics.

Multiple (up to 8) camera high speed image recording of the rail and track environment and surface condition assessment using advanced eddy current and nanotechnology systems are two such examples.

The additional functions are assembled into a package of rail testing instruments which provide a comprehensive picture of the rail. Other functions such as Ground Penetrating Radar, Track Geometry and Rail Profile Measurement can be included.

This survey information is post processed by the tester or by the customer using a post processing software program that accepts all information from the CATER set of instruments. Among other functions, it is able to compare runs over time, synchronise different information from a particular location and measure distances accurately between points.

CATER has a long experience in rail flaw detection systems. Its focus is always on improvement of product and cutting edge technology that works in the real world. This comprehensive suite of instruments is significant in that the customer controls the information leading to long term planning for trend identification and condition monitoring. The extra cost of external analysis by the service provider is then available but not necessary. CATER rail audits are a thoroughly proven survey service in benefiting the heavy haul rail networks in Australia.

Using arguably the most powerful, flexible and cost effective RFD system currently available, CATER can tailor a Rail Audit survey to the specific needs of each network. Agents are available now in most locations for discussions and support.