EAO, the expert partner for human machine interfaces, is proud to announce the introduction of a new product finder at their corporate website,

The product finder helps guide visitors through EAO’s comprehensive range of switch components, which includes illuminated pushbuttons, indicators, key switches, emergency-stop switches and membrane panels among many others.

It uses an advanced parametric search feature which allows a number of simultaneous criteria to be specified. For example, finding a selector switch with two positions, protected to IP65, and capable of switching a current up to 5A. Visitors can also search for products which are suitable for their specific industry. Existing customers will find the new search by series or article number an easy way to find spare parts.

EAO webmaster, Goetz Kogler, said: “With so much choice on our website, it’s important to have an intuitive way of finding the right HMI device for a particular application, whether it’s a machine tool, a medical instrument or a train driver’s desk.”

“By offering customers several ways to find products we are sure they will find exactly what they’re looking for.”