duagon is introducing a range of intelligent remote I/O controllers dedicated for rolling stock applications. These controllers are a standalone and smart solution for various applications like door control, HVAC, PWM drive control, toilets, lighting, brakes and many more. Another field of applications are the substitution of legacy or obsolete control and communication (sub)systems when retrofitting rolling stock.

All units are available with either MVB, Ethernet (TCP/UDP, IPTCom, Profinet, CIP), CANopen and other fieldbuses. Devices with Ethernet have a built-in web browser-based configurator.

The DXIO (Digital I/O) features eight combined in or outputs and eight dedicated inputs. The DAXIO (digital and analogue I/O) offers three analogue inputs, four combined digital in or outputs and ten dedicated digital inputs.

Battery power can be applied directly, giving the I/O controller an independent placement inside the car or locomotive. The outputs offer a total switching capacity of up to 1kW (DXIO). All outputs have an over current protection circuit. Furthermore the devices are protected against overheating and reverse polarity.

Complying with all relevant standards, the rugged design withstands all the impacts inside the transportation environment. A stainless-steel housing and redundancy support (wired OR and output readback) for vital and high available applications are just a few additional features to be mentioned.

You can implement your specific application using the software development kit (SDK) for the built in 32-bit processor running a real time operating system (RTOS). Application and software design as well as product delivery with your custom specific software configuration are services provided by duagon.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion of your control and communication challenges.