SWU Verkehr (public transport operator), part of the Stadtwerke Ulm group (Ulm Municipal Utilities, Ulm, Germany), will in future be relying on a central standard solution for its sales and billing system. The software solutions used to date will be replaced by the industry specific SAP add-on PTnova from HanseCom.

The determining factor for SWU’s decision was the requirement to be able to map all sales processes consistently in a background system. Another factor was the option to integrate the system into the SWU group’s existing SAP system in order to achieve synergy effects.

As a certified SAP add-on, PTnova is based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and uses the latest NetWeaver technology, thus facilitating the easy integration of future standards as well. The decision in favor of PTnova also offers SWU Verkehr maximum flexibility in the new acquisition and connection of upstream sales systems since all systems can be connected in the background system irrespective of the manufacturer. In addition to handling all sales processes, PTnova offers comprehensive CRM functions tailored to the needs of a transport company.

Alongside RNV Mannheim, Stadtwerke Heilbronn, VAG Freiburg and VBK Karlsruhe, SWU is the fifth public transport company in the federal state of Baden Württemberg, Germany to opt for the industry solution from the Hamburg-based IT service provider HanseCom.