DSTA, a provider of state-of-the-art LED technology in the rail industry, has launched one of the most innovative passenger information system (PIS) yet to date. It combines the power of information displays with the security of signalling systems for train / metro / tram platforms: platform embedded text sign (PETS).

This solution is an evolution of their previous lightline product family, which was based on platform-embedded LED lines, directed towards passengers awareness (regarding the position of arriving trains, passing by trains, boarding areas, blocked entrances, etc.) by activating a combination of colours embedded in the platform.

PETS provide comprehensive text information embedded on the floor (on the edge of platforms), which can be managed from the control center. It allows the integration of unlimited messages to passengers waiting for a train, such as displaying first class / economic class areas, cabin numbers, available seat zone, time to arrival, time to departure or destination.

It is a new generation of tools, oriented towards combining information and security, and opens the gate to the integration of real-time data between a carriage occupation level and the stations / platforms management.