Fraunhofer IPM has specialised in systems for condition monitoring of railroads, including, the overhead wire: height, stagger and thickness, position and clearance of poles and clearance profiles.

Today we proudly present the speed-enhanced clearance profile scanner CPS 202, which is capable of measuring up to 200 profiles each second.

Without additional sensors it refers all data to the center of the track.

CPS 202 is a unique multi-purpose system which measures not only the clearance profile, but with upgrading software modules including, height and stagger of the contact wires, distance to the neighbouring track and ballast profile.

You can see the CPS202 in operation during the Innotrans 2010 in Berlin, from 21 to 24 September at TVEMA, hall 21, stand 223.

For the geometric monitoring of rolling stock we show the sector profile scanner (SPS). It covers a range of 70deg with an exceptional speed of 800 profiles each second.

You are cordially invited to see the SPS in operation and its fascinating results at the IPM-booth, hall 26, stand 325. Furthermore attractive informations are presented at the booth of Finmeccanica / Ansaldo-STS, hall 4.2, stand 110.