Following a higher demand for heavy-duty bolting tools, Snap-on Industrial has expanded its line of ¾in Drive Flank Drive® impact sockets and combination wrenches. Both products are used in power generation, wind power, oil and gas, rail and industrial markets, along with fleet maintenance and other applications where large fasteners are required.

The ¾in drive flank drive impact socket offering for shallow six-point and shallow 12-point fractional sockets now incorporates sizes from 9/16in to 2 3/8in deep six-point sockets extend from 9/16in to 2in. For metric sockets, shallow six-point sizes range from 17mm to 50mm; deep six-point extends from 17mm to 41mm. Standard length 12-point flank drive combination wrenches extend from ¼in to 3½in.

“Snap-on Industrial has increased its range of flank drive socket and combination wrench sizes to meet the need for larger fastening tools not only in the US, but worldwide,” said John Martell, hand and power tools product manager, Snap-on Industrial.

“Flank Drive products bring the added value of a design that eliminates fastener slipping and rounding, an important factor in critical torque applications like wind farms and power generation plants.”

Snap-on Industrial impact sockets are heat treated to optimize impact service life. With a lower hardness than hand sockets, these sockets are built to withstand the repeated cycling loads of impact wrenches. Snap-on Industrial uses a proprietary blend of alloy socket steel that provides long life and great strength.

The Snap-on Flank Drive wrenching system delivers up to 20% more turning power without slipping or rounding versus conventional hex designs. The Snap-on wrenching system moves the contact point away from the corner of the fastener with a radius, which promotes flat-to-flat surface contact for added turning power.

Snap-on Industrial flank drive sockets exceed ANSI performance standards, and Snap-on flank drive combination wrenches meet or exceed ANSI / ASME Standard B107, 100-2002 and aerospace standard AS954E 3.8.1.