Komercni Zeleznicni Vyzkum (KZV), a developer and provider of complete track geometry measuring devices as well as rail and wheel profilemeters, is proud to announce the following news:

New website for technical support

KZV proudly presents its new website, where customers can find basic information about the company, the latest versions of our measuring and evaluation programmes and many other services. After logging in, the subscribers also find settings of their own devices under the equippment-setting section.

Updated Krab8.0 evaluation software

KZV strongly recommends its customers to upgrade to the latest Krab evaluation software version – 8.0. Despite fixed bugs it also contains new functionalities. The most spectacular one is Track map where users can see a ground-view of measured tracks, including unforeseen occurrences and speed zones.

Krab8.0 also provides improved ergonomics and straightforward settings and allows opening the new file format .krx, used by the measuring software Krab8vNET and newer versions.