Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. (Nippon Koei) has recently been selected as a joint venture partner with Nippon Koei Mobility Sdn Bhd (formerly known as ASAP Mobility Sdn. Bhd.) for the LRT Jakarta Phase 1B project, tasked with providing design verification services for infrastructure and systems. This prestigious opportunity was awarded by PT Waskita Karya, PT Nidya Karya, and PT Len Railway Systems (Waskita-Nindya-LRS KSO).

Additionally, this marks the inaugural project for Nippon Koei and Nippon Koei Mobility to secure as a joint venture. Parent company of Nippon Koei, Integrated Design & Engineering Holdings Co., Ltd. (ID&E) has characterised this project as a pioneering endeavour that effectively enhances and fortifies the third party verification and independent checking business and to seek more non-ODA projects in the future.

The elevated construction along the 6.4km-long route is designed to complement the Pemuda, Pramuka, BPKP, and Pasar stations, and includes the construction of the new Manggarai Station of the Jakarta LRT, which will connect the KRL commuter rail station at Manggarai via Asky bridge. LRT Jakarta, the recently established public transportation system, has been developed and is currently managed by Jakarta Propertindo, a company under DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

Nippon Koei Mobility is eager to utilise this opportunity as a means to merge its individual expertise in engineering-related tasks and project management knowledge with railway system technology. This will enable Nippon Koei Mobility to offer advanced and comprehensive railway engineering services globally.