Atkins has combined forces with TUC RAIL, the design consultancy arm of the Belgian Railways Infrastructure Manager Infrabel, to deliver projects collaboratively in the UK and potentially overseas.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) which was signed today will see both companies partnering to bid for work on specific opportunities to provide better value for money for clients.

Douglas McCormick, managing director of Atkins’ UK rail business, said: “With a wealth of expertise in the UK and international markets, Atkins is looking to establish links with other like-minded and respected companies to complement and build upon our existing capabilities and resources.

“Collaboration is becoming all the more important in the rail industry, harnessing combined knowledge and experience to save time and money. We look forward to working with TUC RAIL, which has been instrumental in developing the high-speed rail network in Belgium and has a broad understanding of technologies from across Europe, to support the future of the UK railway.”

Dirk Demuynck, chief executive officer of TUC RAIL, said: “Engineering companies like Atkins and TUC RAIL understand the importance of sustainable and efficient mobility for our community and the role that innovative and reliable railway engineering can play in it. By combining forces and creating this long-term partnership with Atkins, we’re ready to put our engineering expertise to the test to deliver challenging and prestigious projects in the UK.”