Infotec has officially launched its latest product, an innovative mobile TFT passenger information display (PID) ideal for special notices or an additional information display at busy periods, which is simple to use and easy to maintain.

The idea for the MD42P was born from discussions with clients about a need for a utilitarian mobile unit. What has been developed as a result not only achieves but surpasses those initial concepts.

The MD42P has Infotec’s recently-launched poster display mounted into it. This is a 42in TFT panel that can be maintained from the front, using tool access.

The unit is ideal for use with Infotec’s web-based back office system Javelin, meaning that customers can choose to display anything they want, from routine train running information to RSS news and weather feeds to secured social media content.

Data is delivered to the displays wirelessly using GPRS, 4G or 3G. With up to 20 hours of battery life from a full charge, the unit works well with today’s shift patterns, users will never be without information. Making the MD42P as practical as possible is key to its ingenuity.

It is designed to fit through a standard disabled access doorway and service elevators. It is very manoeuvrable but at the same time can’t be moved accidentally. The units are fitted with a ‘dead man’s brake’ that when released applies the brakes, so it can’t roll away uncontrolled.

Also, there is an eye bolt at the bottom, so the unit can be chained / tethered locally if it’s being operated for a long length of time. The handle can also be padlocked for security. The displays have been designed to make the screen the focal point.

The outer cladding is made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and the specialised system used for this is Section 12 compliant, as well as meeting EN45545 standards.

The appearance that Infotec’s in-house designers were seeking to achieve has worked perfectly with GRP, as sleek curves and shapes have been created that would be very difficult to fabricate using traditional methods. The GRP can come in almost any colour, enabling clients to incorporate their corporate branding.

Infotec suggests that the kicker section at the bottom is finished in a contrasting colour to help the visually impaired to distinguish the shape.

To complete testing of the display, a prototype MD42P unit was trialled on station concourses, including in London. The feedback has been excellent, with everyone commenting on how simple it is to operate and very easy to maintain.

Additional features on the MD42P include:

  • Battery charge and discharge gauges, so at a glance, the operator can see the level of charge
  • Dead man’s handle
  • Retained pull handle, which returns to stowed position when not being used
  • Section 12 Compliant (any batteries require Section 12 concessions)
  • IP55 Rugged Display
  • Up to 20 Hours battery operation off a full charge
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Mains or battery powered The MD42P is now available to order

To ask any questions or arrange a viewing of the displays, please fill out the enquiry form on this page.