With the new cable type SAB RailLine 560, SAB Bröckskes put a cable with excellent characteristics for permanent flexible use on the market. With the help of the latest materials, the cable manufacturer succeeded to combine technical characteristics in order to create completely new application fields for products according to EN 45545.

The halogen-free cable with highest flame protection and non-toxic characteristics is able to withstand weather conditions in outdoor use and shows at the same time a good oil and fuel resistance. Furthermore, it is resistant against mechanical stress and as a consequence is appropriate for the use in cable chains of construction machines or for door control systems in public transport.

Due to these extraordinary characteristics the cable can also be used in the bogie, as jumper cable or as sensor cable at the wheelset. SAB Bröckskes offers this cable as control cable with a nominal voltage of 300V / 500V, as screened version, as paired data cable or designed for a nominal voltage of 0.6kV / 1kV. Moreover, it is certified according to highest European fire protection standards and has been tested by independent authorities.

The cables are tested acc. to the highest Hazard Level, HL 1 to 3, for indoor and outdoor application according to EN 45545.

Outstanding features of the SAB RailLine 560:

  • weather resistant
  • continuously flexible
  • good ozone and UV resistance
  • good oil and fuel resistance
  • fulfils fire protection requirements R15 (EL1A) and R16 (EL1B) according to EN 45545-2 for hazard levels HL1-3

SAB Bröckskes is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cables and wires, cable harnessing and temperature measuring technique. More than 70 years of experience in cable manufacturing as well as in temperature measuring technique have made out of a one-man business a company with almost 500 staff members.

The strength of SAB Bröckskes is not only the manufacturing of standard cables but also the construction of special items. Every year SAB manufactures more than 1500 special cables on customer request.