The advanced Ultra•Seal® design improves performance and reduces early charge air cooler failures and the original silicone grommet system delivers leak-free operation.

The Ultra•Seal cuts vehicle operating costs by significantly reducing downtime, exceeding original equipment cooler performance.

Conventional brazed charge air coolers are prone to a relatively short service life as a result of failures in tubes, tube to header joints, headers and manifolds.

These premature failures are usually the result of excessive stresses, caused by the effects of thermal expansion, cyclic internal pressures and mechanical loads such as racking, twisting and vibration, which is often associated with on-highway vehicles such as trucks and buses.

The solution

To address the deficiencies of conventional (brazed) charge air coolers the Ultra•Seal design has been specifically developed to cater with the high in-service stresses.

Ultra•Seal overcomes the effects of these operating stresses by utilising a unique resilient tube to header system (grommets) that isolates the core from the manifolds virtually eliminating areas of high stress.