Tube China will be held in Shanghai as scheduled in September; efficient exhibition preparation will boost the quick recovery of the tube and pipe industry.

At present, the Covid-19 epidemic has been effectively controlled in China, and industrial production and life is rapidly returning to normalcy. Since April, the average operation and resumption rate of designated size industrial enterprises in China has been close to 100%. On the other hand, after several months of travel restrictions, some overseas countries have managed to stabilize the epidemic situation.

As an important promoter of national economic growth, the exhibition industry plays an important role in helping cross-regional economic and trade cooperations, promoting the healthy development of the industry, increasing related jobs, and promoting urban construction. On 8 May, the State Council’s guidance on the prevention and control of the normalization of Covid-19 declared that all kinds of necessary conferences and exhibitions can be held with a proper reservation system and traffic restriction system. Not long after that, on 11 May, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce also issued a notice on coordinating the organization of exhibition activities along with the epidemic prevention and control procedures. They mentioned that the recovery of the exhibition industry should be accelerated in line with the declared prevention and control measures. These positive signals not only exemplify the importance of conventions and exhibitions in promoting trade between all walks of life, but also express the country’s confidence and ability to restore large-scale business activities in an orderly manner, while further strengthening the results of the epidemic control.

As the organizers of Tube China, Messe Dusseldorf (Shanghai) Co Ltd has been working closely with the Metallurgical Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (MC-CCPIT), paying close attention to the changes in the domestic and international situation of the pandemic. In addition to the establishment of a joint emergency team with project team leaders, risk management and control experts, and experts of relevant laws as the core; the organizer have actively communicated with multiple suppliers and pursued solutions for a new ‘online + offline exhibition’ model. Tube China will strive to expand the pre-show and post-show online promotion through official websites, social media platforms, streaming media channels, etc. This is not only to warm up for the offline exhibition in advance, but also to help buyers who are unable to join the event due to the epidemic, to successfully connect with suppliers.

Meanwhile, the newly launched “THERMPROCESS China Pavilion” and “Saw EXPO China Pavilion” are under active preparation. Many domestic and international companies specialized in heat treatment and sawing related process will gather in Hall E1 to showcase the state-of-the-art machinery, technologies, relevant accessories and materials. Both dedicated pavilions will help exhibitors build connections with professional buyers from the automobile and parts manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, non-ferrous metals industry and other industries.

On the other hand, although many exhibitors’ production and sales in the first half of the year were suspended due to the epidemic, their trust in Tube China has not diminished. Exhibitors have said that participating in Tube China is an important part of restoring sales in the second half of this year and next year. Up to now, nearly 340 companies have submitted exhibition booking applications, and country pavilions from Germany and Korea are expected to join in the exhibition at the same time.

Some of the big names in Tube China 2020

Transfluid, Heinz Berger, Wecotech, IMS, KELLER HCW, KTM, EMAG, Horn, Wieland, Dungs, ECM, Handuk, Suzhou Kinkaltech, Jinan Jinqiang, Hebei Changfeng, Jinyi Machinery, New Victor Industrial, Shenyang Contor, Boai Pipeline, Longxin Laser, Juyi Steel Pipe, Guoqiang Industry and so on. Please visit for more exhibitor introductions.

The organizers of Tube China pay great attention to details and feedback from exhibitors, visitors, media, and partners on the situation of Covid-19. Ensuring the health and safety of every participant is always our top priority. The organizers will strictly follow the Covid-19 protection guidelines and requirements as stated by the Chinese health and safety departments and venue management; and provide all participants with an industry communication platform of the highest hygiene standards. The organizers have established close connection with Shanghai’s large-scale event management parties to implement a series epidemic prevention and control measures of high standards.

The organizers will strive to do the best in the organization of the exhibition with a professional attitude. We continue to make every effort in marketing promotion and the virtual exhibition platform, in order to better present the industry’s flagship exhibition. We are full of confidence: “The clouds will always disperse, and the industry will never stop developing.” We look forward to meeting you in September.