Gunther Weipert of Stuttgart tram AG (SSB) passenger information formally opened the Degerloch Albplatz rail station in Stuttgart, Germany.

After months of planning, the vision of a paperless and barrier-free station became reality, thanks to digital system solution from ST-VITRINEN Trautmann.

Problems with normal station timetables are rarely recognised by people without a handicap, but for some, the timetable is too high or unreadable due to visual impairment.

The ideal solution is provided by monitor showcases from ST-VITRINEN Trautmann, which present the timetables digitally and interactively. Touch displays allow plans to be lowered, zoomed in or even read aloud.

In Stuttgart, at the Degerloch station, four displays on the platform, three at the entrances and a monitor on the cogwheel railway inform 970,000 daily passengers about up-to-date departure times, connections, line and area maps, and much more.

Multi-touch displays are very user-friendly and individually adapt to the user with a single touch. The concept of barrier-free access on public platforms is thus logically continued.

Our displays enable people in wheelchairs or visually impaired people to use timetables again.

Our content management system ST-CM7 manages content centrally that can be changed within seconds. The walk to the individual showcases to manually exchange the paper timetable is a thing from the past.