Euro Cargo Rail has chosen Transurb’s advanced mobile simulators for installation in Paris, France.

The French subsidiary of DB Cargo has recently embarked on the path to innovation and chosen Transurb Simulation Nano Simulators that will be installed in Paris but will travel around France, which will enable our client to provide its drivers with on-site training.

The simulators will serve two training purposes: providing initial training and refreshing experienced drivers’ knowledge.

The user-friendliness and portability of the Nano simulators were decisive in ECR’s choice, as well as the endless possibilities of R³, our simulation management software.

Thanks to R³ and its different features, Euro Cargo Rail will also revolutionise its way of training drivers by giving instructors more time to supervise, support and engage with their trainees. Self-training and personalised training according to trainees’ individual progress will also be possible.

The simulators are expected to be delivered in the summer of 2018 with the project having already started.