Transurb has completed its delivery of 24 ERTMS Nano+ Simulators to Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) in Australia in November.

These innovative simulators were successfully designed in close collaboration with TfNSW, which was originally looking for a tailor-made portable simulation solution to fulfil its specific needs of providing its staff with high-quality and immersive ERTMS training in the 13 training centres of the state.

24 Nano+ Simulators and 4 instructor stations were delivered by Transurb. This simulator is the first of its kind and distinguishes itself by its utmost portability while providing a sense of immersion. It is particularly suited for route or signalling training.

Thanks to their mobile character, the simulators, transportable in pieces of luggage, can be easily moved from one training centre to another, thereby providing drivers with training where they are.

In the framework of TfNSW’s project, this solution has been designed to train drivers for their Automatic Train Protection system which uses an ETCS Limited Supervision system adapted to the Sydney network.

The extensive expertise of Transurb in ERTMS Simulation was therefore greatly appreciated by TfNSW during its tenders evaluation process.

After being awarded this project in January 2017, Transurb has been particularly pleased to collaborate with TfNSW. The project, delivered on time, was a real success!

We sincerely hope that this amazing project will open up new perspectives for Transurb in Australia and that our collaboration with TfNSW will continue in the years to come.