TRB Lightweight Structures is working in collaboration with CAF on the production of 17 new trains for West Midlands Railway.

Each four-car train is designed to operate as a stand-alone vehicle, or can be coupled with additional units to increase passenger capacity. TRB has been appointed for the design and production of new gangway doors, used to section the cab off from passengers in driving mode, or used to create additional corridor space to allow passengers to move between trains when they are coupled.

CAF was looking for a partner within the UK, and approached TRB due to its extensive history and expertise in the manufacture of high quality rail interiors using composite materials. TRB has already assisted CAF with the door design specifically to suit the project; they will have an aluminium external skin with a honeycomb core, making them lightweight and perfect for use in the rail sector. The 136 doors, four per cab and overall eight per train, have been designed to meet GM/RT 2100 Rev 5 regulations, and will be impact tested to BS EN15152 standards to meet the stringent safety requirements of the UK rail sector.

Lyndon Newman, lead engineer of rail at TRB, commented: “We are thrilled to be involved in this collaboration and to showcase our abilities. Our role is to assist our customers by manufacturing, testing and validating parts to meet their application needs. Each door for this project will be painted and supplied with locks, windows, hinges and frames for easy installation.”