Maccaferri was chosen to design, supply and install 10,000m² of Reno Mattresses for the continuity of hydraulic protection on the new high-speed rail line between Nîmes and Montpellier in France that runs along the Vidourle River.

Our first project, supplying a similar solution, was back in 2009.

The Nîmes and Montpellier (CNM) high-speed bypass line crosses the Vidourle over the communes of Lunel on the right bank and Gallargues-le-Montueux on the left bank. As part of the construction of this new high-speed rail line, hydraulic works were necessary to ensure the continuity of the hydraulic protection along the Vidourle River. The contractor EPTB Vidourle mandated two designers, one for each bank, to design the project: BRL and ISL.

As a long-time expert in hydraulic works, our solutions were chosen by both designers and the company Valérian.

All the dike protection was made with Reno Mattresses and double twist gabions. Reno Mattresses make a monolithic and draining structure. They consist of a continuous DT mesh, forming the bottom and the diaphragms and allowing the structure to withstand the weight of stones during filling (double diaphragms).

The structures were installed by our team in accordance with the NF94 325-2 standard concerning the installation of gabions in hydraulic environment.

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