Under the guidance of the China Association for Science and Technology, the Sichuan Association for Science and Technology, and the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, the China Society of Technology and Economics hosted the Science and Technology Innovation Conference, with the theme of Technological Innovation in China-Tianfu Sci-tech Cloud. The conference released ten representative scientific and technological achievements. Among them, CRRC Ziyang Co exclusively owned two achievements, including Scientific Research on the First Rack-Rail Train in China and Scientific Research on the HXN6 Hybrid Locomotive.

Scientific research on the first rack-rail train (electric passenger train) in China

The first rack-rail electric passenger train in China, as the first new standard vehicle with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, fills the gap in the field of rack-rail trains in China. The rack-rail train has excellent climbing performance and is endowed with new technologies, such as automatic driving and automatic protection. The whole vehicle is full of technology and wisdom, providing a new solution for the integrated development of transportation and tourism. This technology has filled the gap in the development of the domestic mountain rail transit industry and rack trains, which is of great significance to the development of mountain rail transit in the Sichuan Province.

Scientific research on the HXN6 Hybrid Locomotive

The HXN6 hybrid locomotive is the first high-power hybrid locomotive successfully developed by CRRC Ziyang Co in China, in response to the national green and low-carbon development requirements. It is also the first new energy locomotive in China that has obtained a Manufacturing Licence and has taken the lead in realising commercial sales. The heart of the locomotive is comprised of a power battery pack and diesel generator set. The power battery pack is preferred to provide power, which can effectively solve the problems of traditional diesel locomotives, such as high fuel consumption, loud noise, excessive emissions, and night operation disturbance. At the same time, the locomotive adopts microcomputer network control technology and is equipped with an intelligent operation and maintenance system, which can monitor the health status of the locomotive and power battery in real time.

Founded in the 1960s, CRRC Ziyang Co has had the advantage of developing the whole industrial chain, from parts to complete vehicles. It is the only enterprise in western China that can produce diesel locomotives and electric locomotives. Since its establishment, the company has developed more than 7,000 units of locomotives and launched more than 60 products in five series of mainline diesel locomotives, CRH high-power electric locomotives, shunting locomotives, DMUs, and urban rail engineering vehicles, with various power levels, radiating to many industries such as mainline railways, local railways, metallurgy, petrochemical, and mining in China. It is an important part of China’s railway transport capacity.

After the two achievements are shortlisted for the Top Ten Scientific and Technological Achievements, the company will continue to accelerate scientific and technological innovation, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and strive to achieve greater results in the fields of hybrid locomotives and rack-rail trains.