The Mauritius Metro Express light-rail transit system is the first of its kind on the island. Designed to alleviate congestion in and out of the capital, the network already connects Port Louis with the city of Rose Hill. Once fully operational in early 2021, it will also cover the full 26km stretch to Curepipe, serving 17 other stations along the way. Lamifil was chosen by the project’s main contractor Larsen & Toubro to supply all contact wire for the project, delivering stable, reliable power to the island nation’s very first metro network.

Return on investment

While the Mauritius Metro Express project is expected to cost over $500m in all, when compared with the estimated $90m lost every year as a result of the island’s severe traffic problems, the project’s return on investment is clear. Nevertheless, meeting the very tight budgetary constraints of this government-funded project called for a coordinated approach to system design and delivery.

High-quality contact and jumper wires

Lamifil was ultimately chosen for its fast and efficient service and high-quality contact and jumper wire manufactured in its own factories to EN 50149 standards. Over 73km of 150mm² BF profile CuAg 0.1 contact wire has been supplied. This high-quality copper-silver alloy will power the light rail’s electric traction systems over the entire 26km line. In addition, Lamifil also supplied 185mm² stranded Cu jumper wire. Made to DIN 43183 specifications, these stranded conductors aid with power transmission in the network’s overhead lines.

Delivering rapid transit well into the future

Lamifil’s renowned service coupled with reliable, just-in-time logistics has ensured that the construction of Mauritius’ first-ever metro network is well on schedule. And its renowned quality will ensure the light-rail network will go on delivering rapid transit for the island’s commuters well into the future. As such, Lamifil is very proud to have played an important part in this fledgeling project in the region.