HXN6 hybrid locomotives are powerful, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon, saving more than 37% of fuel, reducing emissions by 40% to 80%, and reducing noise by 85%, compared with traditional internal combustion locomotives.

Recently, China’s first batch of commercial HXN6 hybrid locomotives, independently developed by CRRC Ziyang, have undertaken marshalling and transfer operations in Shenhua Baoshen Railway Group Co stations. It has been one year since the traction was completed, with remarkable energy saving and noise reduction effects.

The HXN6 hybrid locomotive is the first high-power hybrid locomotive successfully developed by CRRC Ziyang in response to China’s Dual- Carbon strategy.

The heart of the locomotive consists of a ‘power battery pack and diesel generator set’, and priority is given to the use of the power battery pack to provide power, which can effectively solve problems such as high fuel consumption, loud noise, and excessive emissions caused by traditional diesel locomotives.

The locomotive is equipped with an intelligent operation and maintenance system, which can monitor the running status of the whole locomotive, the health status of the power battery, and other key data, in real-time, to ensure reliable and safe operation.

After the one-year operation assessment and verification, the advantages of the HXN6 hybrid locomotive, such as a strong traction capacity, high operating efficiency, strong adaptability in various complex application environments (including high and low temperatures) have been fully realised. HXN6 hybrid locomotives can cover shunting operations and short-distance transfer operations of DF7 series and HX series locomotives, and can meet the requirements of 3,000 to 6,000-ton shunting operations under various working conditions.

As of 30 June this year, the two HXN6 hybrid locomotives have hauled a total of more than 11 million tons of cargo, saved 180 tons of fuel, reduced pollutant emissions by six tons, and reduced carbon emissions by more than 560 tons, which is the equivalent to planting 5,000 30-year-old fir trees, based on the calculation of 111kg of carbon dioxide absorbed by a 30-year old fir tree every year.

CRRC Ziyang insists on practising the national dual-carbon strategic goal and devotes itself to becoming a Chinese force that promotes the progress of the green rail transit equipment. Taking the hybrid locomotive technology as a platform, CRRC Ziyang  continues to extend its business into the field of new-energy rail transit. At present, it can provide the customers with new-built and rebuilt solutions for purely battery, diesel-battery, and new energy power locomotives, with different power levels ranging from 200kW to 3,000kW, comprehensively meeting the diversified needs of different customers.