Bel Magnetic Solutions has released a four-port high-power solution that offers maximum power, 100W or 1A, over standard Ethernet cable.

Customers can implement 100W power over Ethernet (PoE) to double the amount of power their products manage over existing applications while operating at gigabit Ethernet speeds.

Today’s PoE products demand high power. Our four port MagJack® ICM satisfies this requirement by providing the capability of transmitting or receiving 0W to 100W of power per port over all four pairs within the Ethernet cable while maintaining the bandwidth of the Gigabit Ethernet signal.

They are used in either power source equipment (PSE) or a powered device (PD) and are backwards compatible to slower speeds and lower powers using industry standard footprints and pinouts. These features make our four port MagJack® ICM ideal for 5G cellular applications, switches, routers and larger boxes found in high power sourcing applications, higher bandwidth wireless access points, base stations and large screen video display units.

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