Recently, more than 20 media outlets entered CRRC Ziyang to provide comprehensive coverage.

CRRC product research and design director and vice-chief engineer Peng Changfu explained the company’s focus on innovation-driven development and the implementation of technological innovation.

The interview team went in-depth into the overall assembly line, filmed the busy production site that fulfils domestic and international orders, and explored the vivid stories about how the company is accelerating the transition from old growth drivers to new ones and continuously promoting transformations and upgrades.

The media group boarded the first rack rail train in China that successfully rolled off the production line of the company and managed to experience its strong climbing abilities and smart tech capabilities.

One reporter remarked that he felt very strongly about the company’s ‘Universal Tracks’ with various countries’ gauges. He said that it was the epitome of China’s diesel locomotive products that are continuously going overseas. He also believed that more Chinese locomotive products should be ‘going out’ of China and into the world.

After several days, the Universal Tracks and star products of the company had been reported on by nearly 20 media outlets such as Xinhua News Network, China Economic Network, China Youth Network and Huanqiu Network. The following are examples of some of the reports they published:

  • Xinhua News Network: ‘From the Universal Tracks of CRRC Ziyang to the World’.
  • China Economic Network: ‘From the Universal Tracks of CRRC Ziyang to the World’.
  • China Youth Network:  ‘CRRC Ziyang-made China’s First Rack Rail Train with Strong Climbing Capacity’.
  • Sichuan Daily- Sichuan Observation News: ‘Let’s take the mountain climbing train to Mount Siguniang!’
  • Huanqiu Network-Video Channel: ‘What does China’s first mountain climbing train look like?’

With the pace of spring and the power of dreams, the company is actively promoting transformation and upgrading in the rail industry.

We welcome more media friends to visit the company and witness the company’s development together!