Kontron supplies a broad range of standards-based transportation computers and custom solutions for railway traffic.

Rolling stock applications for increased passenger safety

Kontron supplies a broad range of standards-based transportation computers and custom solutions for railway traffic. This includes embedded computing technology (ECT) solutions for modern, connected rolling stock applications.

The company provides systems and architecture for video surveillance, passenger entertainment and communication, train control, interlocking, health management, and network endpoint communication.

Computing solutions meeting international standards

Kontron validates its solutions using in-depth knowledge of local and international requirements.

Kontron’s flexible transportation COTS computers provide a platform for railway system designers and integrators to easily customize and rapidly deploy specialized applications and infrastructures. TRACe™ allows multiple applications to run on the same platform, addressing a broad range of connected rolling stock applications. Kontron also supplies internet-of-things (IoT)-based COTS solutions, which are designed to easily manage the implementation, integration and evolution of transportation systems.
The TRACe HMID104- EN50155 Certified Fanless Railway Driver Console is specifically designed for transportation systems. This advanced touchscreen HMI offers a flexible building block platform, and allows train control system developers to quickly adapt functionality for various purposes, including train functionality operational displays for drivers, passenger information displays, and on-board computers.
Designed for rolling stock IP video surveillance, the TRACe V304 EN50155-certified fanless Network Video Recorder is based on a COM Express© CPU module, which features Intel® Atom E3845 Bay Trail (quad-core at 1.91GHz). It also provides sensors and a microcontroller for system health monitoring.
COMe modules deliver design flexibility as part of Kontron’s comprehensive standards-based BPX board portfolio. Weight and space-constrained applications, which operate in harsh environments and require the highest possible data bandwidths, are suited by the 3U VPX.
Train routes on rail transit systems are locked and released by rugged computer-based interlocking systems. Kontron provide a vital communications unit with a conduction-cooled multi-redundant computer. It also features passive cooling, and a 19in chassis.
Health management capabilities allow operators to verify a system’ status, and maximise its availability and reliability. Spread over thousands of kilometres of railway, large rolling stock fleets can access real-time data to make improved actionable decisions.

Developing, engineering, certifying and manufacturing solutions through the same company guarantees high-quality, and ensures strict adherence with standards such as the ISO9001, EN50155, and SIL4. Audit checks are carried out regularly to maintain the quality of all parts.

Data-driven transportation for signalling and train control

Kontron solutions are used for railway applications in a range of locations, from rolling stock to dispatch and decentralised, unmanned remote control centres.

These applications include positive train control (PTC), European train control systems (ETCS), and European rail traffic management systems (ERTMS).

IRIS-certified solutions provider

Kontron has received IRIS certification for the design, development and manufacturing of embedded computer boards and systems for real-time applications.

The scope of certification includes propulsion and on-board vehicle control, as well as passenger information systems, communication systems, and single railway components.

About Kontron

A global market leader for ECT, Kontron offers standard-based, custom, commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions for transportation industries.

The company’s wide product portfolio and experience meet specific computing technology demands for local and global rail, road, air and shipping traffic, providing transportation original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with worldwide experience and presence.