Kontron TRACe V40x-TR is an EN50155 fanless transportation computer, specifically designed for rolling stock IP video surveillance.

Kontron TRACe V40x-TR is an EN50155 fanless and rugged transportation computer, specifically designed for rolling stock application where video processing and real-time analysis, video streaming, video storage are requested to match your system requirements, like IP video surveillance.

The Kontron TRACe V40x-TR is robust and compact and provides high-performance, high-reliability and high-capacity data storage in demanding railway environments.

Different processor variants are available depending on required performance from Intel® Atom™ Apollo Lake E3900 series to 6th Gen Skylake Intel® Core™i7-6600U.

The Kontron TRACe V40x-TR comes with two removable drive bays, providing up to four TB, with twice 2TB SSD storage capacity TRACe V40x-TR with four removable drive bays option is also available for more storage capacity (up to 8TB).

Hot-plug support, RAID0/1/5 capability associated with secured key locks for drive bays enable 100% reliable deployment for any rolling-stock storage applications.

In addition, TRACe V40x-TR includes a unique health management unit, performing system vital monitoring, thanks to multiple sensors. An integrated microcontroller, independent from the main processor, monitors several temperature sensors, controls supply voltages & current, and vital product data traceability of major TRACe components.

This health management unit is fully integrated with the CMON line-monitoring solution by Kontron offering a turnkey, extensible and data-centric solution for local or remote computer health monitoring. CMON line-monitoring module covers all the vital resources of TRACe™ to report, log, and transmit any health management information or event.

All data are accessible either locally, from ethernet / intranet or from internet / Cloud, and offer an ideal support to data analytics, especially to support asset management, preventive maintenance and fleet management.

The TRACe V40x-TR includes the following specifications:

  • 6th Gen Skylake Intel® Core™i7-6600U / i3-6100U or Intel® Atom™ Apollo Lake E3900
  • 8 GB DDR4 memory down, 32 GB SLC soldered eMMC flash
  • Two hot-pluggable SATA III drive bays with key locks
  • Optional additional drive bays for a total of 4x removable disks
  • Optional Wireless / Field Busses interfaces
  • Two LAN for IP cameras video recording
  • EN50155 Class Tx (operating -40°C to 70°C / 10min at 85°C) depending on configuration
  • Kontron monitoring and security solutions