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Solid-State Interface Relays for Railways

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Delcon solid-state interface relays offer long-term reliability and safe signal transfer even in the most demanding industrial conditions, such as railway applications. They are used in industrial automation systems to isolate control systems from plant sensors and actuators, and to provide safe switching and signal conditioning.

Our solid-state relays are based on pulse transformer isolation technology. They provide all the advantages of mechanical relays and opto-coupled relays and none of the weaknesses.

Delcon relays have a three-year warranty even in the most demanding conditions.

Long-lasting railway relays

Relay is a cheap and basic component, which is quite reliable in many applications. However when relays must be changed it is a costly business. Most Delcon railway relays have a lifetime of 15 years or more, even in the most demanding conditions.

Contactors and magnetic valves for railway applications

Contactors and magnetic valves are very common loads in the railway industry. These inductive AC or DC loads are difficult for both electromechanical relays and optocouplers, though AC load is little easier for electromechanical and DC load for optocouplers.

Delcon AC output railway relays can handle 3A and DC output relay (load 24VDC) can handle up to 4A highly inductive load without any derating.

DC-output electromechanical relays

Standard electromechanical relays are not reliable with higher than 30VDC loads. In many cases these applications needs special relays. However, Delcon DC-output relays can handle DC loads of up to 350V without derating. Extra diodes are not needed in parallel with the load.

Electromechanical relays and optocouplers

Electromechanical relays and optocouplers are not reliable in noisy environments. Problems normally occur with long signal cables (AC) and parallel-lying load and signal cables. Relays can stay on, work on their own or leave an LED glowing — even when the real signal is off. These problems also occur when using signal converters which are not filtered carefully.

In all Delcon railway relays, however, these interferences are carefully contained by capacitive suppression and transient and high-frequency suppression. This also means that unshielded cables can be used when using Delcon railway relays.

Status indication with electromechanical relays and optocouplers

Electromechanical and optocouplers normally have unreliable status indication (LED) in noisy environment. Fast troubleshooting is important, especially in the process industry.

In Delcon railway relays the LED is part of the voltage-current hysteresis. It means that the LED is always synchronised with the function of the relay.

AC and DC relays and accessories for railways

Our range of AC and DC input and output relays and accessories for railways includes:

  • SL-series for DIN-rail mounting (AC input and output relays for static and motor loads, and DC input and output relays for normal loads, inductive loads and high DC voltages)
  • GL-series for direct mounting on PC board with G4 dimensions (AC input and output relays for static loads, and DC input and output relays for normal loads)
  • Mounting bases and sockets (PCB sockets for SL series, DIN-rail sockets for one relay, and DIN-rail mounting base for eight or 16 relays)
  • CANopen slave for Delcon relays
  • PLC adapters and cables

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