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Split ticketing: inside Loco2’s new Pricehack technology

Train booking platform Loco2 recently launched Pricehack, a new money-saving feature that lets users split journeys into smaller legs. We asked the company about the new technology and whether it can make rail fares more affordable.

3D printing in the railway sector with Deutsche Bahn

Companies in the railway industry have started adopting 3D printing technologies to carry out production and maintenance work. How effective is this technology and to what extent is it supporting the industry? Stefanie Brickwede, head of additive manufacturing at Deutsche Bahn and managing director of Mobility goes Additive discusses this topic.

The high-speed rail projects giving Thailand’s whole economy a boost

In March the Thai cabinet approved a $7.2bn high-speed rail project that will link two airports in the Bangkok area and another in the eastern province of Rayong. Other high-speed lines are in the offing, but with investment spending still low and instability still high, will any come to fruition?

Artemis: new tech cuts fuel emissions on trains

A technology first used in wind turbines is now being used to cut fuel emissions from trains. Created by Artemis Intelligent Power, the digitally controlled hydraulic pump is being used by train operator ScotRail to save over 9,000 litres of diesel per carriage per year. Patrick Kingsland finds out more from Artemis commercial director Alasdair Robertson.

Seatfrog: the new app that lets passengers bid for rail tickets

A new app in the UK called Seatfrog allows rail passengers to bid for upgrades to otherwise empty first class seats for as little as £5. According to the company, the app will open up first class travel by allowing passengers to join auctions on their smartphone up to 30 minutes before departure. So how does it work? Patrick Kingsland spoke to Seatfrog chief executive Iain Griffin to find out.

Training firefighters for rail disasters

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IACF) has been contracted to continue training emergency services and first responders on dealing with rail emergencies involving flammable liquids, such as oil and ethanol. IACF program manager Laura Schwartzkopf explains the importance of this training and the skills required to respond effectively when the worst happens on the tracks.

Will maglev ever become mainstream?

First developed in the 1940s by British engineer Eric Laithwaite, magnetic levitation technology has so far failed to reach the transportation mainstream. Can new projects in Japan and China help Laithwaite’s dream finally become a reality?