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Changing Track: Can SNCF offset its dilemma at home by investing abroad?

France’s national railway company SNCF reported a 74% drop in net profit for the first half of 2014, which it attributes to a round of chaotic strikes in June. Ross Davies looks at whether the current political climate in France could force the company to make its investments further afield.

Level playing field: EU efforts to break into Japan’s rail industry

Japan’s unwillingness to open railway projects tenders up to foreign competition is one of the major obstacles to negotiating an EU-Japan free trade agreement. Rod James take a closer look at the debate.

First in line: Researchers create software able to prioritise trains in real-time

A group of SINTEF researchers involved in optimisation have developed methods and software designed to prioritise trains in real time. Already successfully trialled at the Traffic Control Centre in Stavanger, Norway, Ross Davies look at the benefits the tool could provide for train traffic controllers.