The TINA trams are the latest generation of trams manufactured by Stadler. Credit: Stadler Rail AG.
The TINA trams operate at a maximum speed of 80km/h. Credit: Stadtwerke Halle GmbH.
TINA trams can operate on gauges ranging from 1,000mm to 1,524mm. Credit: Stadtwerke Halle GmbH.

The TINA tram-train is a new-generation tram manufactured by Stadler, a railway rolling stock company based in Switzerland. TINA stands for Total Integrated Low-Floor Drive.

The TINA platform is suitable for any tram concept including axle drive, independent wheels, rotating or non-rotating bogies and even those with different track gauges and vehicle widths.

The new TINA trams are being manufactured at Stadler’s manufacturing facility in Bussnang, Switzerland. The first tram is set to commence operations in December 2023.

TINA trams design and features

The TINA trams have a continuous low-floor design and patent-pending bogie technology that provides enhanced passenger comfort while also protecting the wheels and rails. They can operate at speeds of 80km/h on track gauges ranging from 1,000mm to 1,524mm. The trams can run on contact wire voltage ranging between 600V and 750V.

The trams are available in lengths ranging from 30m for three-part configuration and 43m for five-part configuration. The doors are 0.8m-1.3m wide while the vehicle height is between 3.2m and 3.6m and the width is between 2.4m and 2.65m. The entirely step-free, accessible vehicle includes a large cabin with spacious aisles, no cross stairs and seats with ample legroom even in the bogie area. The tram has maximum headroom and panoramic windows providing unobstructed views to passengers.

TINA trams are equipped with an additional driver’s cab at the back, an emergency battery and driving assistance systems such as LiDAR, radar and cameras. They feature an integrated collision warning system as well as an innovative, completely digital and interactive screen-based vehicle control system.

TINA improves traffic and passenger safety with modernised LED headlights in the front and back as well as an illuminated door button that signals the opening and closing of passenger doors.

Amenities on the Stadler TINA trams

The new TINA trams can accommodate more than 280 passengers in a five-part configuration and include various types of seats such as normal seats, perch seats and parent-child seats. The improved passenger compartment offers unlimited access to the seats from any vehicle entrance.

The trains are equipped with modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that use CO₂ as the coolant, lowering the environmental footprint of the vehicles compared to conventional vehicles. They are also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and USB connectors for charging.

The trams are additionally fitted with modern information screens, video surveillance and an onboard ticket machine. Designated rooms for pushchairs and bicycles in four multi-purpose zones will also be available.

The trams also enable the digital transfer of telemetry data for performing maintenance operations.

Orders and deliveries

In January 2020, Germany-based transport company HEAG mobilo ordered 14 TINA trams worth €62m ($69m) and exercised an option for an additional 11 vehicles after one year. The first TINA tram was delivered to the company in December 2022 and is currently in the testing and commissioning phase. The new trams will operate on the company’s network in Darmstadt.

In November 2021, Stadler signed an agreement with Baselland Transport, a public transport operator based in Switzerland to manufacture and deliver 25 TINA trams. The new trams will replace the Schindler trams currently operating on its network.

In June 2022, Stadler signed a deal with Rostocker Straßenbahnen, another Germany-based transport company, for the delivery of 28 TINA tram railcars, making it the third order for the TINA trams. The new trams will operate on all six tram lines operated by Rostocker Straßenbahnen in Hanseatic City, Rostock, Germany, and replace the 6N1 trams that have been operating for over 30 years.

Hallesche Verkehrs, a public transportation company based in Germany, placed an order for 56 TINA trams in August 2022. The first trams in the series are expected to be delivered in 2025 and will operate on all 14 lines operated by the company in the city of Halle.

Stadler was also awarded an order for 50 TINA plus options by Netherlands-based public transport company HTM in November 2022. The TINA trams will replace the GTL8 trams on Lines 1, 6 and 12 operated by HTM in the Hague region.